Milind Raikar

Milind Raikar is a renowned Violinist in today’s generation. He has studied Hindustani Classical Music under the able guidance of his father Late Mr Atchut Raikar. Playing Violin in the Western style during his early days, Milind has passed Grade Four of the famous Trinity College of London under the tutelage of Prof A. P. De Costa. His father wished that Milind should take up Hindustani Music to contribute in preserving Indian culture / heritage with its rich music. As a result, Milind moved to Indian Classical music and not only completely dedicated himself to it but also has become a fine violinist.

Initially Milind learnt from Pt B. S. Math (Violinist from Dharwad) and Pt. Vasantrao Kadnekar (Vocalist from Kala Academy Goa). Government of India and Kala Academy of Goa awarded him the Scholarships for Eight years. With this he moved to Mumbai to learn under the Great Violin Virtuoso Padmashree Pandit D. K. Datar. Soon he began to provide violin accompaniment to him and to various vocal artists. He toured East African countries and Muscat with the Top Pop Star Remo Fernandes.

Gaan-Saraswati Kishori Amonkar [the great leading scholar and doyen of Jaipur Atrauli style of singing] once heard Milind playing Raag Hansdhwani during a TV-show. Kishoritai was so impressed by Milind's recital, that she, herself offered to teach him the Indian music in its depth and breadth. Milind immediately took this opportunity and started learning from her.

Kishoritai taught him all the nuances of the Raag performance, approach of raag, its delicacy, better way of developing the notes, and many more. He has been accompanying Kishoritai on Violin in her concerts and recording, in India as well as Abroad.

Today, Milind has devised his unique style of playing violin. He has evolved a way peculiar to him of wielding the bow. The listeners rejoice his soothing, scintillating, brilliant and soul touching performance having a very different style. He has cultivated his music with a perfect coalesce of tutelage that he had received from various Gurus of high acclaim. He has provided music direction to a documentary film, "In Search Of Truth", in which he has played the role as a singer.

In 1991, Jaycee club from Goa awarded him the 'Outstanding Young Indian Award'. Milind has won many awards, prizes, and titles. To name a few are 'Gold Medal' from All India Radio [the largest radio broadcaster in India] ‘Surmani’ and Yuvonmesh Puraskar 2005.

In 2007, he had toured the United States of America for his violin solo performance in various cities across the country. He is the First Indian Classical Music Artist to perform in the "Bang On A Can" in New York during the year 2007, and also is the First Indian Musician to receive the prestigious fellowship from the Civitella Ranieri Foundation, Italy, for the year 2008.

  • Performed at Bharat Bhavan Bhopal
  • Manipal Sangit Samaroha, Mangalore
  • NCPA Mumbai
  • Nehru Centre Mumbai
  • DMCC Matunga, Mumbai
  • Master Dinanath Mangeshkar Sangit Sammelan, Goa
  • Kesarbai Kerkar Sangit Samaroha, Goa
  • ITC youth concerts Kolkotta
  • All Bengal conference, Kolkotta
  • Sureshbabu Mane Hirabai Barodekar Sangeet Sammela, Vilearle Mumbai
  • All India Radio of following places has broadcasted his Violin recitals. Ahmedabad, Mangalore, Dharwad, Sangli, Goa, and Mumbai
  • Performed in the Gaanwardhan Pune
  • First Indian Classical Violinist to perform in 'Bang On A Can'- New York, and the same concert was Broadcasted on New York Radio
  • Tonus Music Labor - Switzerland.
  • East and West Coast of USA .Places like, New Jersey, North Carolina, Washington, Providence, Virginia, Boston, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, New York, California.
  • Civtella Ranieri Center Peruggia Italy.
  • Performed in RAI T.V. Italy.
  • Received scholarship from Goa Govt in 1986.
  • Received Scholarship from Central Govt in 1993.
  • Received Youvanmesh Puraskar Thane 2005.
  • Awarded the prestigious Fellowship from Civitella Ranieri Foundation Italy 2008.
  • I have been performing solo Violin in many music concerts and Sammelans.
  • Apart from this I have the privilege of accompanying many artists like Remo Fernandez, Anup Jalota, My Guru Pt. D. K. Datar, Neela Bhagwat, Devki Pandit, Babanrao Haldankar, and Gaan saraswati Kishori Amonmkarjee and more.
  • Many Cassettes and Cd company has released my Indian classical Violin Solo.
  • Tonus Labor (Music Company) of Swiss has recorded Raag Miya Malhar and Purya Dhanashree. Music Operator from France has recorded Raag Ahir Bhairav and a Duet with Pt Ronu Muzumdar.
  • I have performed on many TV Channels. Played background music to many TV serials and to films also. I have provided music Direction to the Documentary ‘In Search Of Truth’.
  • I have established Raikar Academy of Violin. To propagate and promote our style of ‘Gayaki Aang’ which is an unique style of playing. Recently toured USA and Italy, Swiss.
  • Learnt western from Kala Academy Goa, under the able guidance of Prof A. P. D’costa.
  • Passed Grade Four from Trinity College of London.
  • Passed Visharad from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mandal - Miraj
  • Passed A alankar from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mandal - Miraj
  • Learnt Basic from my Father Late Sri Atchut Raikar.
  • Learnt Basic Indian Violin form Pt V. R. Athavale (KA) and from B. S. Math from Dharwad.
  • Learnt Vocal from Pt. Vasantrao Kadnekar Desciple of Ganapatrao Devaskar Bomaby.
  • Learning from Padmashree Pt. D. K. Datar, since 1986.
  • Fortunately have been learning and accompanying Gaan saraswati Kishoritai Amonkar
  • First Indian violinist to perform In ‘Bang on a Can’ at New York 2007.
  • Awarded the Civitella Ranieri Fellowship, Italy 2008.
  • Established the Raikar Academy of Violin Pt D.K. Datar Parampara in 2006. To propagate Our style of playing and to promote Indian Classical Music.